Everything You Need to Know About Exit Festival 1

Everything You Need to Know About Exit Festival

Exit Festival is a major European award-winning festival which was officially proclaimed as the “Best Major European festival”. It hosted one of the greatest performers in the music industry such as Massive Attack, Cypress Hill, Underworld, FatboySlim, The White Stripes, The Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys, The Chemical Brothers, Snoop Dogg, Whiz Khalifa, David Guetta and many more.

If you are wondering where you can get a exit ticket for this great festival, you can go to the official site of Exit Festival and find all the information there. This year the festival will last for four days so naturally, you’ll need a place to stay. For a full stress-free experience during Exit Festival you can rent an apartment in Novi Sad, relax and get ready for the party and experience you will never forget!

How Did it All Start?

Exit music festival is not your regular summer music festival. It is a movement that began in the year 2000. The new millennium began and students and young people didn’t want to live under a totalitarianism regime Serbia was under until then. They were fighting for democracy, freedom and music which are still one of the most important aspects of the festival.

The first Exit Festival was held in the University Park. The following year after the Yugoslavian general election in 2000, the festival moved to it’s, now iconic, place – The Petrovaradin fortress. This also has a special meaning to everyone who has ever felt under pressure. From Petrovaradin fortress you have the whole city of Novi Sad under your feet while the melodies and people collide in a wonderful spectacle of ecstasy. It is a place that represents freedom.

Exit Tribe

For years Exit Festival was an annual music festival held in Novi Sad. That is still true, but a couple of years ago the organization decided that this movement should be spread through the whole Balkans. After all, we all had similar historical circumstances and fight the same fights. That’s how Exit Tribe came to be.

Exit 2019 has announced that this year the festival will include five events in four countries of the region. Exit Festival invites all fans, musicians, artists, athletes, activists of all kinds to join the tribe and unite in the same goal – to protect the planet all of its habitats. The festivals that are a part of the Exit Tribe are – Sea Star Festival in Stella Maris, Umag, Croatia (May 24 – 25), Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia (July 4 – 7), R:EVOL:UTION festival in Timisoara, Romania (August TBA), Sea Dance Festival in Buljarica, Budva, Montenegro (August 30 – 1 September), No Sleep Festival in Belgrade, Serbia ( November TBA).

All of these festivals invite you, not only to enjoy the music and freedom you experience during these unforgettable parties but to remember that we are a part of a society that needs to take care of the planet. Because if don’t do it no one else will do it for us! That’s why it’s so important to be a part of this Tribe which is united by a love of music, dance, joy and social awareness.

Exit 2019 Lineup

If you haven’t been to this festival before, Exit 2019 will definitely blow your mind away. The contagious nocturnal vibe starts to take you over as soon as you step on the bridge which takes you from Novi Sad to Petrovaradin fortress. You will see the fortress and the beautiful river Danube while you, your friends and the whole Tribe walks towards Exit. The great thing about Petrovaradin fortress and Exit Festival is that all of the stages are spread out through the whole fortress.

One of the most visited stages are :

Main Stage
Dance Arena
No Sleep
Fusion Stage
Explosive Stage

They all have a different kind of unique atmosphere and surface. But, are all equally energetic and mind-blowing. Exit 2019 will be hosting this year some of the greatest names in the music industry today.

The legendary rock band The Cure will be the main act of this year’s Exit Festival. Greta Van Fleet, the new hope of rock music, will also be playing in this year’s festival. You will get to hear some of the greatest DJs of today’s electronic scene like – Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Charlotte De Witte, Chase and Status, Boris Brejcha, Solomun and many more. You will get to experience one of the most beautiful mornings on Dance Arena while the whole Tribe dances to techno beats while the sun slowly rises.


If you haven’t been to Exit Festival before now is the right time to be a part of the whole Tribe. Not only will you experience one of the greatest nights and days of your life, but you will also get to meet life long friends who share your love for music, connection, love, joy and the environment. Don’t miss it!

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