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Summer on land? – What to visit in Novi Sad?

Leto U Novom Sadu

Those that had a chance to visit it, stayed in love with it forever. And did you ever visit Novi Sad? Do not worry, this city is so beautiful that it will simply win your heart. We come to your aid and suggest to you places that you need to visit in Novi Sad.

Dunavska Street – Located in the center of Novi Sad. At the very beginning of the street, you will notice a building built from 1895 in which the City Library is located today. Across the road, the oldest house in the city is located that dates back to 1720 and its better known as the “White Lion”. Today, this street is characterized by cafes, pastry shops, and all kinds of different stores. Also in the same street, you will find well-known coffee bar Crni Jarac (today is known as buffet Ribar), which is also the oldest cafe in the city, opened in the 18th century.

Danube Park – Novi Sad’s oasis of peace and beauty. It is one of the best-kept parks in Serbia, with an artificial lake and numerous monuments. It is located in the city center, at the end of the Danube Street.

Fruska Gora – Not far from the city is the national park Fruska Gora. It is characterized by hiking paths of several kilometers and very well marked trails. The beauty of Fruška Gora is also contributed by numerous Orthodox monasteries, dating from the 12th to the 15th century. Fruska Gora monasteries were the center of the spiritual and cultural life of the Serbs in the era of Turkish occupation.

Museum of Vojvodina – Located in Dunavska 35-37, in the city center. The permanent exhibition of the Museum presents the development of society, from the territory of today’s Vojvodina, in the continuity of eight thousand years.

Bridge of Freedom – A beautiful view of Novi Sad is provided from this bridge. To the left of the bridge is the settlement Ribnjak, and to the right side, you can find charming Kamenica Park. On April 3, 1999, the bridge was demolished in the NATO bombing, but it was restored several years later while preserving the previous look.

Petrovaradin Fortress – More than just a famous symbol of Novi Sad. We believe that you will be delighted by the view from the plateau on which the famous clock is. We suggest that you visit underground military corridors accompanied by a guide. Of course, the fortress is characterized by the most famous European festival famously known as Exit, which is held every year in early July.

Quay dedicated to Victims of Januaries raid – Located across the road from the Petrovaradin Fortress. It is a specific monument dedicated to citizens who suffered a horrific historical event when many families were executed in the great “January raid” in 1942 and thrown into the frozen Danube.

Trg Slobode – On the cities main square, there is The Name of Mary Church, more famously known as the Cathedral of Novi Sad, and it is surely the most recognizable symbol of Novi Sad. It was built in 1895, according to the project of architect George Molnar, and by its dimensions, it is the largest church in southern Bačka. The church entrance has the massive two-wing portal, and above it is a coat of arms with the text “Crux Amore” (Love Cross).

Also, Trg Slobode is characterized by the Town Hall, built in 1895 in a neo-Renaissance style. Along the facade, there are 16 figures, symbolizing different human activities. On the same Square is the hotel Vojvodina, the hotel with the longest facade in Novi Sad (70 meters).

Štrand Beach – If you plan summer days to spend Novi Sad, we suggest you definitely visit Štrand beach. The beautiful beach on the Danube is the main summer destination, and visitors can go on sailing excursions known as “Danube rafting”. During the season, which lasts until September 30th, there are many entertaining events and sports facilities available for almost all ages.

We believe that you will enjoy all the specialties that Novi Sad has. When you return home, let us know if you have found out why this city is known as “The city of love.”

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