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Where to have a nice meal in Novi Sad?

Hrana U Novom Sadu

It is known that people from Vojvodina are traditionally experts in food preparation. So the list where you can enjoy delicious meals in Novi Sad can be quite large. We have selected for you some of the best restaurants, pastry shops, and fast food joints. We believe that you will find your new favorite food in their menus and that it will become the reason that that will make you return to Novi Sad more often.

If you like national cuisine, barbecue, and river fish specialties, be sure to visit the Aqua Doria restaurant. It is located across the Duga bridge, just below the Petrovaradin fortress, on the Danube bank.

Take a tour of the fortress with a lunch at the Sat Restaurant. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the whole city, and you will not remain immune to delicious food and the taste of high-quality wine.

Italian cuisine in a Serbian way

For those who prefer Italian cuisine, Alla Lanterna and Gondola are the right choices. Alla Lanterna is located in Dunavska 27, in the very center of the city, and Caffe pizzeria Gondola not far from the Danube Park, at Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 18.

The National Cuisine Restaurant “Plave Frajle”, will not leave you immune to all the tastes it offers. The specialty of the house is the Vojvodina rinflajš and the sweet delicacy made out from walnuts famously known in Serbia as “Orasnice”. The restaurant is located in the wider city center near Spens Mall.

In a 5 minute drive from the city center, in the resort Ribnjak, there is a café “Tako je suđeno”. It is a great place for all lovers of good snacks.

Petrus’s restaurant and Caffe, with its beautiful interior and beautiful atmosphere, can be a great choice for relaxation after a city walk. It is located in the center, not far from the cathedral.

Are you located in the center of Novi Sad?

Our recommendation, as well as many other people from Novi Sad, is to visit Cafe restaurant Masha, located in Zmaj Jovina Street, as well as the Athens restaurant, right next to the cathedral. In these restaurants, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, mouthwatering delicacies or dishes from rich international cuisine. Prices are extremely affordable.

Not far from the center, at Spens Mall, there is a coffee shop Kafemat which is an excellent choice for morning coffee or irresistible tastes after the afternoon lunch.

On the fishing island, right next to the river, there is a beautiful bar and restaurant Picnic, for which visitors say that it has an very interesting ambiance. In addition to delicious food and drinks, there is an outdoor playground in front of the restaurant.

Fish and Zeleniš, is a great choice for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine and good local wines, as well as for vegetarians. It is located in the center of the city, in Skrelićeva Street.

Do you like fast food?

For all those who can’t resist tasty fast food rations, we recommend the “Toster Fast Food” joint that certainly has the best burgers in the city.

Dear gourmets, be sure to try ice cream in Black Sheep! It will delight you with unusual flavors such as kajmak, coffee, white chocolate or sesame ice cream. The pastry shop is located in the center of Novi Sad, behind the cathedral.

The flavors that you will surely remember are the flavors placed in the “Vremeplov” showcase. The pastry shop is located in Bulevar oslobođenja 96 street and has a beautiful garden, but we believe that the beauty trophy this time will go to the pastries gorgeous cakes!

To complete the days in Novi Sad with tasty treats, there is no doubt in that. We just want you to enjoy a beautiful time and an even more wonderful vacation.

Saving the best (and sweetest) for last

After a visit to restaurants, pastry shops, and cafes, we suggest a somewhat light break. So click on the link and see the available Accommodation in Novi Sad.

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