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Winter’s fary tale – Icy forest in Novi Sad

Ledena Šuma

Winter in the city can be more fun than at a mountain resort. Do not you believe us? Have you visited the Icy Forest in Novi Sad?

Why is skating better than skiing?

  • Because it is a skating rink in the center of Novi Sad, in the famous Danube Park, and the slipway is located around the lake!
  • Because every night there will be a musical program waiting for you and within the skating rink there is a restaurant!
  • The winter bazaar is unavoidable, and sweet delicacies in the Snow City must be tried.


Team building programs aim to create a healthy atmosphere and improve interpersonal relationships within the company. The ideal place can be a combination of a quiet surrounding and winter sports. In short, the Icey Forest is in Novi Sad is a great example of such an opportunity. After all, a good reason for spending quality time and resting should not be neglected for long.

Additional advice: Ice Skating Is a healthy recreation

Skating is one of the healthiest winter sports. To stay on the ice, you must activate all muscle groups, and you will surely have fun.

When choosing ice skates, it is important to choose those that fit you perfectly, not the ones that will pinch or create pressure. And for whom is ice skating meant for? For everyone! Not just children. Novi Sad’s Icey Forest is proving statement this every year!

We cited some of the reasons why this winter should be spent in Novi Sad. Icey forest is open until January 28, 2018. We are waiting for you.

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